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Oct 29, - Review | Schwalbe Hans Dampf: Jack of All Trades or Master of None? I tested the Hans Dampf in Schwalbe's grippy TrailStar compound could be a good choice that will not fail you unless you encounter loamy mud.

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Cheapest Regiew could find hans dampf review online. WAKIdesigns Nov 8, at I thought Minions were pretty poor in the wet, didn't fling claggy English sh1t quick enough, the Muddy Mary is my tyre of choice, I'm not into changing tyres unless I have to hans dampf review they fit the bill perfect for me.

Yes, 90 usd? Man I hope these are better than the Nobby Nics because they are god offal when cornering! I was racing in semi hans dampf review conditions and I couldn't keep any speed up because the dang things would just slide out ever time you tried to turn!

Giant mountain bike parts Dec 17, at I've never had a problem with nobby nics so I think I'll stay with the old faithful as I wasn't aware that many people had issues with nics in the first place?

dampf review hans

Can anyone enlighten me to their own gripes on the nics and not schwalbes advertised claims? Costing is what it is! These are great tires and I want a pair hans dampf review Hans Dampfs on my bike asap! You know, theres a lot of work involved, in making a tire IrishTom May 20, at 6: I like the sound of these, I was wondering how they perform on off camber large, slick, or wet roots? Hans dampf review ride trails that are seriously rooty and often are wet, seat mounted water bottle cages, or muddy I have this same question.

dampf review hans

I had short quill stem pair of the older Alberts, and they were really good on anything dry, but the compound was too hard for wet conditions, hans dampf review on wet rocks and roots they were quite simply horrible.

I too ride on lots of wet roots and rocks. Richard or Mike, can you comment?

dampf review hans

You wanna try the Muddy Marys in Triple nanoa tire for damp thru to sloppy crap hans dampf review, I love them!

They dont hold up to well on dry hard pack thougha online bike to tall knobbed I think. LiquidSpin Jan 28, at Just got these tires and had fun on some snowy trails. The name roughly hans dampf review to "handyman," fitting for a tire that can do a good job of finding grip in just about any situation.

Schwalbe Hans Dampf Tire Review

Its designers intended the tire to perform at the pointier end of cross-country trail riding, so they kept the weight down using a new aerated rubber compound and a slim, flexible casing.

Hans Dampf was well received, but times were changing Schwalbe's team must not have predicted an oncoming wave of aggressive all-mountain bikes and a wholesale shift towards the gravity side of the sport. High-amplitude riding eclipsed the cornering grip of the original Hans Dampf's edging tread, and hans dampf review its sidewalls did not serfas bicycle tires, new-school shredders could, um, shred the tread into hans dampf review in a few rides.

review hans dampf

Schwalbe's Jack-of-all-trades was not up to to the task. Speedgrip EVO, Schwalbe Tires.

Hans is here to have fun.

Hans Dampf II has taller, rectangular tread blocks, larger edging tread, and a two-two-three crown pattern Compared to the original Hans Dampf, which featured angular, flexible tread blocks, arranged in sdg bike patterns. Closeup of the Hans Dampf II tread. Wear was minimal after lots of testing miles, with no tears or punctures.

What Schwalbe has to say about their redesigned tread profile. How Addix rubber compounds hans dampf review up.

Schwalbe Hans Dampf Review-

The gray compound is for the lower-priced "Performance" range. Master of none. This Hans Dampf lives up to its name, with a fast roll and the ability to find trustworthy grip across the gamut of terrain and trail conditions that most mountain bike riders 30 degree stem encounter. It's not going to win races, but if it's adventure dover saddelry seek, it will get you hans dampf review and back.

Final Results: Maribor DH World Cup views. Tech Randoms: Maribor World Cup DH views. DH Bike Tech: What's New For This Season? Kinda looks like a magic mary but I'll trust PB. These big chunkier tyres arent always the solutions though and I always got on with the originals, but hey hans dampf review progress man I guess so who the fuck am I to comment.

I'll be over 40 soon and pedalling my fucking ebike up a hill on a 12 speed cassette with my plus size tyres while posting on instagram about how good a fucking time I'm having while supping on an energy gel and getting fatter and shitter all hanns while.

Looks like revjew love child of Mary and Nic. I don't think it's a bad thing. Like Magic Mary and wtb vigilante had a baby. Why hans dampf review even try them if we buy road bike Maxxis Minion in so hans dampf review versions?!?

Mar 28, - However there are 5 key factors that are worth thinking about which led me to choosing the Schwalbe Magic Mary and Hans Dampf combo.

Hans dampf review new Hans Dampf is a much 20 inch bmx bikes for sale complex tread pattern than the MM.

Like a burly XCO pattern with solid side-knobs. The MM up front for supreme grip and the HD for fast-rolling rear. High 20s PSI. Then again, I'm an old buzzard Dude, why hans dampf review you have to rag on me like that???? I know mine isn't Ever listen to Bill Burr? Right up your alley I think. I barely think about my tires at speed.

I've had them over 50mph, though, and they didn't spit off a retread like anwheeler or anything. What size did you get 2. What size rim widths? Thinking that combo sounds pretty nice. Just debating sizes. I hans dampf review only find the 2.

Our Verdict

Trilliamiano Aug 24, at Pretty sure most folks are riding the new SG casing in lieu of erview DH casing. Not an issue with either DH casing from Maxxis or Scwalbe. My personal style is to run enough air pressure to not have to deal with pinch flats in the rear, so the only thing I have to deal with is a strong enough casing cascade cruisers deal with the roots hans dampf review rocks, hans dampf review the sharp rocks and me at lbs geared up.

I've had the same experience with maxxis dd casing 28ish psi tubeless, definitely not a DH casing. The Magic Mary and hans dampf in eampf gravity were much better, could just be the more rounded and greater number of center knobs protecting the casing on hans dampf vs dhf, I am about 30 pounds lighter geared up though. I should've added hans dampf review the Hans is a pretty small, round tire by DH standards. More of a speedy-enduro. Smaller the the MM 2.

Lurch-ECD Aug 24, at 0: Good that ozone bikes reviews are still 26'' options. G-Sport Aug 24, at The 26" options being 2. Why hans dampf review no manufacturer make a 26 x 2.

review hans dampf

They are presumably thinking that people who haven't moved on in diameter don't want to move on in width maybe? Or older 26" wheel bikes wont have clearance? Customer Review Schwalbe has been admpf tires since the early 70's and is still hans dampf review of the most popular brands rveiew. Overview First, a bit of background on my choice. Why Did I Hans dampf review Schwalbe? How Does it Compare?

Final Thoughts Lastly, durability has been great so far. Check out cheap tires in dayton ohio video on the complete Schwalbe Tires Lineup! Affiliate Program.

dampf review hans

If someone could genetically revuew the HD carcass but put a Minion tread pattern it with whatever hans dampf review the HD stop, it would be a real winner. Dear Schwalbe have our goose that lays our golden eggs, aluminum bmx bikes for sale Maxxis. All being said if you carve hard the Minion slips less and bites harder, however the braking grip of the HD can save your neck. Both are great tires with no clear winner.

On trails and running tubeless I prefer the HD, if was doing a day with an uplift service then Minion. I have mounted the hans dampf review skin tubeless version on my Cannondale Jekyll and the result coudnt be better, the first thing i noticed descending in rockie hans dampf review is the great confort even rolling fast, is easy to keep the confidence when cornering because is a predictable tire thanks to a soft knobs, big volume it also helps in a way, i compared with a Conti Mountain King 2.

Despite its appearance when roadmaster road bike it behaves even better like some trail tires, so your legs gonna apreciate. The main enemy of this excellent tire is the mud, the small space between the knobs dont hans dampf review at all, i broke my head several times triyng to evacuate the mud. It also the revieq, you can see in just few week, but isnt somethint worriyng. Thereinforced folding. Bloaty tire volume without the weight.

Tales from the Trails: Mountain Biking NorCal: Tire Review: Schwalbe Hans Dampf

Super grippy in the corners. Tubeless setup with little effort pearl izumi sale holds the pressure well without burping at lower pressures.

Price and long term wear. After miles trail riding I deview the side knobs were tearing off from hard cornering: Lots of great things to say about these. I ran them for the first part of the season front and rear at 2. Great job Transition! They hold hans dampf review, roll hans dampf review and climb well.

I can say enough about the volume of the 2.

dampf review hans

Yep they are bigger! Plus they are grams per tire lighter. I will be going back to these next season after I put some more miles on the Minions.

review hans dampf

The TrailStar compound is the real deal. I liked its fast rolling middle and grippy edges.

Mar 31, - Choosing between the PaceStar compound and TrailStar You can find the Hans Dampf TrailStar review here: Hans Dampf keralatalkies.infoied Weight‎: ‎ grams.

The tire has a great round profile with no gaps in tread to leave you hanging as you drop the bike into the turn. They drift in a very controlled and predictable way. Hans dampf review qualities. Sounds like what we all want from a tire, but does it deliver? I tested the Hans Dampf 2. Like many Schwalbe tires, the Hans Dampf is a high-volume tire that looks big.

dampf review hans

And indeed, its profile promises a jack of all trades — relatively sturdy side knobs are linked to wide center braking knobs by a few diagonally arranged knobs in-between. Directional stability is hans dampf review, even though the center could benefit from a more defined channel. Like most Schwalbe tires, the Hans Hans dampf review is a good-natured, wide comfort reviwe tire that lets you know its limits well in advance.

Because of reviw diagonal knobs, grand island bike rental transition when leaning the bike is smooth, and the cornering is noticeably less well-defined than on a tire with more pronounced cornering knobs.

dampf review hans

While this is a drawback for riders who prefer a more defined edge, it can be a welcome trait for general trail riding.

It significantly outperforms tires with a less protruding profile, such as the hans dampf review Nobby Nic.

News:Mar 16, - Schwalbe released the sticky TrailStar variant of the Hans Dampf at Sea Although I shrive to be objective as possible in all my reviews, tires are Trying to decide whether to give the HD a try or stick with the Trail Kings that.

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