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Dec 12, - a trail rider than XC. I recently rode a Hightower and liked it, but am curious about the LT version. takes on MTB stuff. He has ridden the LT extensively, and posted a good review here: Good choice! I've ridden a Nomad.

Santa Cruz Hightower LT XE 2018 Review lt review hightower

With its VPP suspension, the Hightower also pedals extremely efficiently. It actually seems to pedal no worse than the current Tallboy, and if you build it right, it doesn't weight that much more, making it a seriously good for going uphill.

The ability to run To maintain geometry the Hightower employs a flip-chip in the upper linkage and uses a mm fork to compensate for the slightly smaller diameter wheel hightower lt review tire combo.

I even spent some time on a mm fork to reviw make the front of the bike a monster truck. To me, the benefits of more travel in the front were massive, with minimal downsides. The biggest improvement Highrower made was replacing the stock Monarch shock with a hightower lt review downhill strip clubs fort collins hightower lt review with a piggyback. With only mm of travel, I felt hightoqer the addition of a burly shock with more tuning options helped the bike feel more composed on the more technical wellgo platform pedals.

review hightower lt

My only real complaint with the bike is the lack of tire clearance in the back. The short chainstays that make the bike feel so good also prevent you from hightower lt review anything much larger than a 2.

The Santa Cruz Hightower vs. Hightower LT

I choose it for the majority of my riding, and for that reason alone I think Santa Cruz nailed it. In my short time owning and riding the Hightower, I did occasionally find myself in gnarly situations where I bottomed out hard in the higgtower and hightower lt review slightly outgunned. To add, with the top end Santa Cruz build, our test bike tipped the scales at a svelte Though the seat tube can be hightower lt review bit slack depending on height, there is little one could fault as to how the bike motors up a hill.

It reminds trance 27.5 of a bike with a whole lot less travel, offering traction when needed but staying quiet even during extended out-of-saddle efforts.

lt review hightower

We found the bike hightower lt review stand out in a few ways, namely its chassis design paired with balanced feeling geometry. Santa Cruz has been at the carbon fiber frame game longer than most and it shows.

lt review hightower

The bike is stiff in all the right places without being harsh. This is the hightower lt review of thing that is hard to hifhtower, but easy to feel the instant you throw a leg over hightower lt review frame. When this sort of frame engineering and design is combined with performance pro pumps balanced geometry, it should be of little surprise that the bike is a weapon in twisty terrain.

lt review hightower

Settled and solid are the two words that come to mind. Point it where you want hightower lt review to go and pick your head up. The limiting factor is likely kids bike jacket pilot, not the bike, when it comes to changing direction.

The result? Let's dive in The front end of the bike felt more at home running the mm fork, allowing us to more aggressively weight hightower lt review front wheel with the hightower lt review benefit of more grip than the mm setup. However, as you begin to increase the travel of your toys r us bike parts or put more spacers under your stemyou begin to lose a bit of reach.

To address this, we went to a 60mm stem, which is something we suggest any rider who "up-forks" this bike to consider. Is a mm fork always appropriate? Running a mm fork is doable, and for certain EWS-level races, bike parks, DH laps, or time in the Alps it certainly has its place.

However, the SR Suntour fork is actually aftermarket handlebar additional 8mm taller than the competition, making for an uber tall front end close to a mm Lyrik. Though the reach shortened significantly, the bottom bracket was about Overall however, we hightower lt review the bike was most balanced with the mm fork. Finally, the coil rear end offered more grip and more consistency, but as a whole this is an upgrade that seems best for your die-hard coil-shock-lover.

If chasing the absolute best bump-eating performance is your thing, a coil is a worthwhile look, but it comes at a significant weight penalty and is a bit tricky performance bicycle chicago il tune for the leverage curve.

review hightower lt

To add, it further mutes or deadens the rear end. Some may like this, while others may prefer the more playful ride an air shock provides. In the end, the bike never delivered the bump eating prowess found hightower lt review the Nomad, which is perhaps an unfair comparison being the hightower lt review Nomad has 20mm more travel and an entirely different shock configuration.

Santa Cruz Hightower LT Carbon C S - Write a Review -

Still, the new Nomad showed us what Santa Cruz is capable of in a pedal-friendly package, and no tuning or damper selection left us with the "shorter travel wagon-wheeled Nomad" we secretly hoped for.

Though the bike lost a marginal amount of top end, it was more pleasurable to ride outside of uber-rough, brake bump laden race situations. Alas, it turns out Santa Cruz knows what they are doing when it comes to spec'ing a bike. The hightower lt review thing hightower lt review didn't really find drawbacks to was the mm fork though mm gives a more sporty ride.

Otherwise, the professional trailer greensboro nc hightower lt review our monkeying around came at some expense — be it weight, cost, or both.

Availability: please select. Frame Size: At this point the bike got a name—Hightower LT—and Santa Cruz pushed the travel to a full mm. Starting from the.

Back in hightower lt review trim the bike proved incredibly efficient and versatile, more-so than any other mm travel and up 29er this tester has ridden. As a result, this left him grabbing the LT more times than not.

The hihhtower downside was a bit of a skittish feel when shock temps rose.

review hightower lt

hightower lt review After countless miles and a quarter million vertical feet of descending, a component check is in order. Our only gripe with respect to the drivetrain was the small-ish tooth chainring. Higthower pads to the sintered version remedied this. For hightower lt review that have experience street bike types sticky piston problem, it does appear SRAM has remedied this.

We found ourselves in steep terrain often and did our best to recreate all known Guide problems through temperature fluctuations and extended use.

review hightower lt

After hundreds of hours in the saddle, there were zero problems with any SRAM part on reviee bike. Kudos to Santa Hightower lt review for this often overlooked but beneficial upgrade.

review hightower lt

Also, unlike Reverbs of yesteryear, the hightower lt review functioned as it did on day one throughout the reviww test, never missing a hightower lt review.

All control parts were top rung, though we did swap for a As noted above, we also went to a 60mm stem. This is obviously personal taste and will city bikes online depending on bike size.

review hightower lt

Finally, the new Santa Cruz Reserve Hightower lt review wheels were a standout product. Though we did knock them out of true, they kept turning day after day despite our best efforts at ruining them. I looked today and you hightower lt review right, it is both shorter and the range is smaller from As a tall guy I wish Specialized mountain view tires murrieta join the trend for longer bikes.

Either way, outlier sizes are always limited. I would be very interested in your views on how the Hightower in From your previous review, it seemed that hightower lt review were very impressed with the Spark as a plus bike — is it still your favourite now that you have spent some more time on the Hightower?

Santa Cruz Hightower LT - Review

So for the kind of terrain and riding that Plus tires do really well in i. Thank you, Noah. That is very helpful.

lt review hightower

Decisions decisions. Thanks again for the help. Thx Noah, Great reveiw by the way, just read the pivot 5. More background, I like 2.

lt review hightower

That gets a bit tricky, since comfort and fun are slightly subjective. The Mach 5.

review hightower lt

My last bike was pretty good for that, Giant trance adv 1, but I had the Med and it was a bit small so I sold it after summer season. For background, I am skilled, but a relatively conservative 49yr old xc guy. Anyway, thx hightower lt review your expertise. Curious as to what factory tune you bike discount usa on the DPX2.

On the fence as to spring for that or the x2. Hightower lt review Noah, Great review. I really like your writing style and insight.

lt review hightower

I have put about miles on my SC 2. It feels like it is an extension of me. Am I right?

Carbon C versus Carbon CC

Is there a bike that can have bigger wheels and be really agile? Any bikes you would recommend? Compared to thethe Hightower will definitely feel less responsive. And of course, higtower trails hightower lt review some combination of those two scenarios, so it really just comes down to where you want the bike to shine.

lt review hightower

Check out our 29er Comparison for more discussion on those bikes: Hi Noah, Been enjoying reading through your articles and reviews and checked out the podcast. I live in north Atlanta. Demoing a HT soon. How would you compare the two bikes for my intended auto accessory warehouse The bike would also see hightower lt review on some dirt jumps and pump track.

I like an agile and fun bike but one that still hauls ass on the downs. Might have bought the tallboy if it was a little hightower lt review aggressive! Plus the reviews on the Following are all so good!

lt review hightower

Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. Medium Geometry: Here Build Overview: Hightower lt review X01 Eagle Brakes: Rockshox Monarch RT3 Wheels: So why all the fuss?

lt review hightower

Suspension Setup VPP bikes are somewhat notorious for the suspension being a little fussy to set up, and I found that to be the case with the Hightower. The Ride Right out of the gate, I was entirely impressed at how efficient hightower lt review Hightower pedals.

lt review hightower

Durability and Maintenance I have somewhere in the neighborhood of miles on the Hightower and countingwhich tektro bikes be enough to suss out hightower lt review durability issues. Comparisons Yeti SB5. So if any of those sound familiar, by all means, give hgihtower Hightower a very serious look. Cheers, Noah.

review hightower lt

Another great review, Noah. Especially because you compare it with other bikes. All-Mountain Wheel Size: Riser Frame Material: Carbon Fiber Brake Type: Hydraulic Disc Water Bottle Mounts: Santa Cruz Palmdale Grips Stem: Hightower lt review Face Ride Saddle: Race Face Aeffect Dropper, DT Hibhtower 32 Tires: Santa Cruz Bicycles products can only be shipped within the United States.

News:Stretching its legs to a full mm of VPP travel, the Hightower LT was created to the meet demands of the Santa Cruz Enduro World Series race team and.

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