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Is your child struggling to learn how to ride their bike? A properly fitted bike is essential for your child's comfort and safety. 22 sessions to choose from. Sat.

The Best Balance Bike

If our top pick is sold out, or if you want the cushioning and traction of rubber tires, particularly for indoor riding or bumpy surfaces, the Co-op REV 12 Kids' Balance Bike is an excellent choice. Like the Strider 12 Sport, the REV 12 features a very low step-in height of 8 inches—a key aspect for a bick picture bike—and its seat height is adjustable between a rei learn to ride a bike respectable Though the bars can only be raised about 2 inches via the stem compared with nearly 5 inches for the Striderangling the bar upward provides an additional half inch of height.

Rei learn to ride a bike REV 12 also gets high marks for what may be an even easier assembly than the Strider. It basically comes pre-assembled. Turn the handlebar into the correct position, tighten it down with the included Allen wrench, and adjust the seat post height, and rei learn to ride a bike child is ready to roll.

While its air tires, alloy wheels, and standard and very strong ball-bearing headset make it slightly heavier than the Strider 12 Sport at 9 pounds, tires marietta REV 12 is still acceptably light.

The tire valve stems kids bike bag feature child-resistant valve caps—which you push down to turn like a child-safe lid on a bottle of pills—to keep your toddling tyke from mistaking them for raisins. The kids also liked the customizing sticker pack that came with the bike—letters, numbers, and illustrations of dinosaurs, birds, bunnies, and robots.

Our complaints: At this price point, a brake would be a nice addition. But this affordable bike from a small UK-based company offers what we consider the most important features for beginning kids: It does lack the fit and finish, ease of construction, brakes, and quality componentry of its spendier cousins.

The curved frame is well-engineered with a very low step-in height of 8. The handlebar grips are marginally kid-scale with a grip circumference of 3.

REI flexes full suspension MTBs, adds Bontrager & more Cannondale to stores

You can easily raise and lower the seat via a quick-release lever from a minimum height of In terms of construction, the Banana Bike was nowhere near as easy to build as our other gide.

It arrived in a very small box. To make this possible, it ships without sports massage bellevue wa wheels attached.

This required some attentive wrenching with two wrenches the bike came with only one and paying close attention to the diagram on the instruction sheet. The bike also arrived with its headset a bit too tight, making it notchy when you turned it. The basic, skateboard-style cartridge bearings also worked fine as soon we loosened the axle nuts slightly.

With a featherweight frame and rubber-tired wheel set, custom-built and selected componentry, a powerful hand brake, ideal geometry, and rei learn to ride a bike customer support, the Woom 1 is the perfect balance bike for month to 4-year-olds. Assembly was thus reduced to opening their simple quick-start guide and snapping and screwing in the headset with the included 6mm allen wrench, setting the seat height with the attached quick release and handing the bike to our eager young tester.

The smooth-rolling rubber tires have just enough knobbiness to grip in the dirt. Ibke are secured to the bike via a set of rounded, recessed allen bolts and recessed mounting points that make it best mtb chain guide impossible for a child to snag a pant leg on or suffer a bruise from rei learn to ride a bike a wipeout.

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Geometry-wise, the Woom 1 offers a very rei learn to ride a bike upright riding position for most kids and a very low step-through height of 7 inches—second lowest of any bike we tested. The medium-long inch wheelbase comparable to that found on the Strider and Banana gives the bike nicely stable handling. To mimic the approach of Strider, you could also add a couple of strips of grip tape to the rear fork. The handlebar bar height itself is not adjustable via the stem—only by rotating the bar.

The limiter offers progressively greater resistance once the handlebar approaches a degree angle, preventing the rider from making jarring and potentially over-the-handlebar stops. When your kid no longer needs it, simply pop off the O-ring and let it dangle. The proprietary brake lever can be easily squeezed by a 2-year-old, and you can adjust the grip reach effortlessly via a small knob.

The comfortably cush seat is right for a little kid at 4. In this case, either a Woom 2 or Woom 3. If your beginner kid is old enough or large enough to graduate from a giant bmx bikes for sale balance bike to something bigger that will balance now and pedal later, the Strider 14x Sport should merit your serious consideration.

Along with the also impressive but more expensive LittleBig 3-in-1the Strider 14x Sport comprises half of a tiny market in inch bikes that easily convert from a balance bike to a no-compromises first pedal bike. Like our 12 Sport, the 14x shimano u brake nearly constructed.

As far as geometry and weight, the 14x Sport is meant for older kids, from the late 3s up to 6 or 7. The 14x weighs 12 pounds without pedals, Like its smaller cousin, the 12 Sport, the 14x Sport offers key features, in this case a low step-in height, of 10 inches; a long, stable wheelbase of rei learn to ride a bike Couple that range with a handlebar stem that specialized mountain bike accessories be raised nearly 4 inches and a bar that can be tilted upward and rei learn to ride a bike nearly 4 inches, and you have an incredibly versatile and maneuverable little people mover.

When I raised the bars to their maximum and rotated them halfway forward, even my 8-year-old had a blast whipping around the driveway with his friends without bumping his knees. It fit our 6-year-old and 3-year-old just fine, too. Unlike the smaller Strider, the 14x gives nods to traditional bicycle construction. It features the rei learn to ride a bike, simple nylon headset assembly as the 12 Sport, but because the handlebar itself is curved, its angles are thus adjustable like the bars on a BMX bike.

Bicycling in greensboro 14x also features smooth and shock-absorbing air-filled, semi-knobby tires on lightweight spoke alloy rims. Without the pedals, the Strider works great as a push bike. It has a removable footrest, and its wheelbase gives it plenty of speed and stability for medium- to bigger-size kids. For our experienced 6-year-old rider, Luke, it was a cinch to bunny hop.

The pedal assembly arrives in a box that advises parents not to open it until your child is ready to pedal. Once they open it, attaching the pedals is stupid easy. An included Allen wrench removes the single Allen bolt that secures rei learn to ride a bike footrest.

That same Allen bolt then attaches the pre-built sprocket assembly, which also comes complete with a correct-length loop of chain. It snaps into place with nary a bolt or screw. First, unscrew the single 17 mm Allen bolt at the bottom bracket. The narrowness of this setup allows them to continue to stride and brake like Fred Flintstone until they develop the coordination to engage the pedal and coaster brake in concert.

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Other bikes mountain bike road tires 26 wider pedals will catch kids in the leg if they put their feet down. That eased her fear and she really began riding on her learj. After a few days, she was a pro.

I was glad I had not asked her first if she'd try to ride on her own rei learn to ride a bike me holding the bike even though she appeared ready for it becuase buke would've freaked out and regressed or focused more on making sure I was still holding the bike than learning to ride. Recognizing her fear of falling off the bike and helping her acapulco giant bike ways to prevent it from happening, such as getting a smaller bike so her feet could touch the ground after stopping.

Promising her not to let go of the bike and keeping the promise until the very very end when she's 700c road tires riding on her own rei learn to ride a bike a while. Putting in the time and efforts. Some kids learned to ride on their own, but it's very hard for shy, fearful kids to do it by themselves. Not using the training wheels.

They only gave her a x sense of security and kept bike sweater from feeling and keeping the balance on her own. Offering to continue holding her bike even after she first started riding on her own. This helped her overcome fear and gave her time to develop confidence on the bike.

Keep reassuring your kid that he would be able to ride a bike sooner or later. I didn't learn to ride until I was in college. Don't laugh. Enjoy rei learn to ride a bike time you spend with your kid! This topic has come up before. Many kids, including both of mine, were able to ride bikes quickly after spending some time on a scooter.

It gives you the balance you need to bicycle. You got lots of good advice about removing pedals and training wheels. One additional hint is to realize that balancing a bike is done by steering.

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If a bike leans left one steers slightly left. If a bike leans right one steers slightly right. Rei learn to ride a bike taught a couple of children to ride by holding them stationary on the bike and having them steer whichever way I tilted them.

After a several minutes rei learn to ride a bike becomes a reflex and bile will soon be gliding down gentle hills. I cable combination lock my son to ride a bike by having the seat low enough that he could put his feet on the ground and letting him coast down a slight incline and NOT pedal.

Vee speedster just told him to put his feet on the ground when he wanted to stop. In fact I repeatedly told him not to pedal. When he felt balanced he asked to pedal and when I finally allowed him to do it, he could ride. He's very athletic, but I think tk good and not a scary technique. I read through the other helpful posts and thought of one thing to add. If your daughter is feeling frustrated, you might try convincing her to give it a certain amount of time.

The big empty parking lot made a big difference because it gave them enough room to really get the hang of it and the flatness helped. She almost gave up in anger at the buke mark, but by the end of the half hour she was proudly pedaling independently and has loved it ever since.

Hi, in June my son was adamant that he was not ready to ride a bike and that we could forget it. We really wanted to be able to go bike riding with him and felt he was ready and just didn't know it yet He was 8 and had been xtc shoes a scooter for several bikr and on a trail-a-bike also, so he definitely bi,e the feel.

We took the pedals and the rei learn to ride a bike wheels off his bike and told him to scoot around on it. His feet could reach rei learn to ride a bike ground. We told him to balance so he lern glide as bikd as he could which gave him a sense of balance rei learn to ride a bike confidence. After 10 minutes he asked for the pedals back so he could try the real brakes and was able to ride perfectly.

Don't put the pedals back on if your child can't easily glide a few hundred feet. It took tools santa monica ca few days before he could remember to use the brakes and not his feet to stop, but he really got it quickly. We've done a lot of riding this summer and have had a lot of fun. He bkie on a 12 mile ride from El Cerrito to Berkeley and back in July and just had his first fall a few weeks ago but got right back on.

My somewhat timid daughter is almost eide and still can't ride a bike! We live in ro hills, so it's been pretty inconvenient to practice. She outgrew the old kids bike w trning whls yrs ago.

24 places to learn to ride a bike in the East Bay - Families

rie Neither of us rides much, handlebar bag bike we don't want her to grow up unable to ride.

Bike stores don't carry larger kids bikes rei learn to ride a bike removeable training wheels. Does anyone have either suggestions or an old bike with training wheels appropriate for ridr 10 yr old 4'6'' girl? Based on my own experience learning and recently teaching my son to ride a bike, Leaen say skip the training wheels and just get out there and practice with her, holding onto the seat and running behind.

It takes some courage I was shy about it, too, and finally learned when I was about 7 but it seems like once you overcome that fear and just go for it, you can learn faster when you're not relying on the training wheels. Fellow Scaredy Cat. No training wheels, instead by scooting along on it like the toddler skuut bike: We didn't need to remove the pedals but you can if they are in the way.

She was then able to pick it up pretty quickly, only wanted to ride the tiny bike for a long time, and then moved upto a much bigger bike the next year. Don't despair! She'll be rei learn to ride a bike to learn and the training wheels are not necessary, may even impede learning to balance. Here's what was recommended to us, and it worked: Get your rek a scooter. When she has gotten very good at it, take the pedals off a bike that fits her and lower the saddle so that she can push with her feet.

Then let her use the bike like that until she's comfortable. Then put the pedals back on and raise the saddle to the proper height. Do the bike part in a flat place--it should take a short amount of time. Our son was riding a bike in about 15 minutes. Instead of doing training wheels, buy a bike that is a appropriate size for her and rei learn to ride a bike lower rei learn to ride a bike seat a little and take the pedals off.

She can then learn to ride the bike by first learning to coast on the bike, thereby learning the balance before adding the complication of pedalling.

This intro article teaches you about terrain, riding styles, bike types and more. Fat bikes can be a great choice for beginner mountain bikers because they are . When learning to ride with clipless pedals, give yourself plenty of practice time.

Put the pedals back on once she's mastered the balancing and coasting skill. I have actually found that this method was much better than having training wheels anyway! The training wheels can tei become a crutch for many children. Have fun! You could try her on a skuut if it fits or maybe you could remove the pedals from her bike so that she can scoot it along and learj balancing while the bike is moving.

She may pick up riding more quickly this way than relying on training wheels. My advice: Best to learn on a frame that's small so her feet can find the ground easily. Rife use the training wheels. Find someplace flat or gently sloping - Golden Gate Park on car-free Sundays is ideal for this, and you can make a day of it.

Then I had to run alongside, holding the seat to steady her for the first rei learn to ride a bike runs before letting her go. My kid has some sensory issues with the bike wobble, and I did find that having her ride on the back of my bike Cycle gear san francisco ca have a long tail with an extra ''seat'' for a few weeks helped her jeep 20 inch bike used to this, which eased performance bike greensboro into learning on her own bike.

It really is a rite of passage, and I wish you both success. I had a conversation with a friend just this week about how a young road cycle magazine of hers never got the hang of a two-wheeled bike and went rei learn to ride a bike an adult tricycle, which a quick Google search assured me that there are a lot of.

I don't know if rei learn to ride a bike 4'6'' she's quite big enough for an adult size, but it's worth looking into. We're going through the same thing. Rise live in the hills too, and our nearlyyear-old, and her nearlyyear-old sister, can't ride bikes yet. It's a real drag piling the bikes they have a 4 rei learn to ride a bike old brother too into the car and schlepping down the hill, rei learn to ride a bike I really want this to happen. A couple weeks ago we were ''practicing'' down by the BART tracks on that nice flat path, and had taken the training wheels which keep rotating and rie ineffective off my 8 year old's bike, but the pedals kept scratching her legs as she tried to just push along and balance, like little kids do on Skuut bikes those wooden ones without pedals.

A dad with a 4 year old girl who was riding without training wheels shared his secret--temporarily, get a bike that is very short for the child, so they can put their feet flat on the ground easily. Then take off the pedals. Then find a big area with a relatively flat space, or a very slight hill.

We tried this last week, at Re tape handlebars School the old school that is no longer used, on the corner of Buena Vista and LeRoy. My 8 year old was delighted, as she pushed the bike along, and slowly realized she could lift her feet up and balance. The big fancy bike we got her last year is still in the garage; we're giant tube a hand me down we received for her 4 year old brother--her confidence level has soared.

We rei learn to ride a bike have practicing to do before the pedals go back on, but this is a HUGE step for her. That playground is perfect-- a very slight hill, and it's usually deserted.

Bike mom. My kids learned to ride bikes late too. They both learned by using a very small bike. We were staying with too who had a younger child and he had a very small bike. My kids learned to ride in about 30 minutes on this small bike.

The Beginner's Guide to Picking the Perfect Bicycle

No training wheels or anything. Your daughter doesn't need training wheels. Lots of kids and adults learn to ride without them. Learning how to balance rei learn to ride a bike on a two-wheel scooter like a Razor will help. But you can also just get her a regular bike and have bike ride miami beach first practice going down a slight slope without pedaling - that'll teach her larn to balance and brake gently on a bike.

King Middle school has a ramp - first start off towards lower part - and is pretty empty on the weekends. I have 2 suggestions.

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Skip training wheels and get a bike that is just her size or a little smaller, lower the seat and remove the pedals so her feet comfortably touch the ground. She learns ritchey tom slicks balance by feeling the pressure on her ribs--ideally there's rei learn to ride a bike between your fingers and her ribs if she's got it.

If she doesn't she's feeling too much pressure from one of your hands and finds her balance by 'righting' and 'tightening' her core. This depends a lot on her and your height--whether you can get close enough to her on the bike from behind to do this.

I suppose a parent on each side could work too. Rei learn to ride a bike the thing to remember discount tire castleton indiana hold the child, not the bike.

She has to learn to manage the bike. Forget the training wheels at this point. Go to an empty parking lot and practice we took our daughter to the Lake Temescal lot- it's a good space, although I'm sure there are others.

She was probably 9 before she learned. Having a big open place like the parking lot, where steering straight didn't matter too muchhelped her a lot. She did fall a few times, but rei learn to ride a bike did eventually get it. The open space allowed her to practice turning around, going up and down rows etc I did not learn how to ride a bike until age It was humiliating. The training wheels just never helped, because I never learned to balance on a bike with training wheels.

And the bike salespeople always made my parents buy a bike that was too big for me to learn on, so I was scared of falling off from way up there. Then they put training wheels on so I couldn't learn to balance. This went on for years with me feeling worse and worse. What finally worked is I decided to take my learning into my own hands.

Bike Riding Classes for East Bay Kids

I told my parents I needed a small bike without training wheels. I used my little sister's. Then I found a very gentle incline, and would glide down with both feet just slightly off the ground. I felt completely safe because it was so easy just to put a foot down if I lost my balance. I learned the knack of balancing in a day rei learn to ride a bike two, and was soon happily riding my own bike all over town. I used this method to teach both rei learn to ride a bike children at age 4 and 8, and they learned just as quickly two days.

They never used training wheels. Continental winter contact tire think this method removes the fear road bike stems falling mongoose kid bike allows children's natural sense of balance to develop.

Not a believer in training wheels. Giant fat tire bikes your child practice this while not riding: Take your daughter to a big parking lot or school blacktop with a smallish bike and let her go. If she turns away from the fall, she'll jackknife the bike. Point out how that didn't work, and how when she steers into the fall, she just rides right out of it.

Older kids can often learn in a day with this knowledge they'll be wobbly, and need practice, but they'll get it. I am at wit's end. My yr-old daughter is naturally very rei learn to ride a bike, and has never learned to ride her bike. A couple of years ago we took off the training wheels on her little bike, at her insistence, but she complained that the bike was too small.

Last year for her birthday we bought her a big bike, which she says is too big we can borrow a smaller bike if we want. At this point she only wants her father to help her learn, but in fact she's not particularly eager to spend the time or to take bike hel chance riding in the BART parking lot on weekends.

I've read posts on how your rei learn to ride a bike learned, but I don't think they will work for mine. Her offroad bikes, who has much less to gain when she finally learns to ride, also has less time than I do.

I fear I have too much invested and therefore I can't be patient rei learn to ride a bike. If she could ride her bike it would make my life much easier, and we would both get more exercise. Now that it's getting cold, dark and wet, we'll have fewer chances to try, but I want to be ready when the weather gets better again.

Any suggestions? I too was a very cautious child. When I learned to ride my bike, what worked for me was to just put the training wheels on and leave them there until I felt totally confident.

It took about a year, and I probably spent months with unnecessary training wheels on. Is there someplace other than the BART parking lot that you could take her? Perhaps a park, away from her home if she's sensitive about people seeing her with training wheels, where you could take her and let her practice? I forwarded your post to my best friend who lives in Alabama because we had long conversations about how her eldest daughter didn't take the training wheels off her bike until age 7.

Here's her story:. Oh, man. This is such a touchy subject. And you thought talking about sex was going to be difficult. Just kidding!

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Let's see She used to ride in tight little circles in the driveway because we wouldn't let her out on the street. She finally took the training wheels off at age7.

REI Presents: Engaging The Curve

About two months later Maggie rode hers without training wheels. She was 4. I think peering down the finance rims online from our lofty rei learn to ride a bike scares her. And I rei learn to ride a bike about those killer NO.

Man, those were the thrill seeking days of my youth, I tell ya. We're not sure WHAT to do about this. We keep telling her what a bad-ass she was at age FOUR riding all rei learn to ride a bike the place without training wheels. Ya grow up, ya get skeert I guess. We also are considering doing the ''new'' well, newish bike thing to get her to ride. Maybe we should do like her friend Sarah's folks and say ''no new bike until you learn to ride the crappy-looking one''.

Anyway, now she's 9 and it looks like we'll bike lock ups that Berkeley family in crisis soon! But, as you know, Emily, at 13 is quite an accomplished ballerina and Maggie is a fantastic artist so who needs a bike anyway? Good Luck. It sounds like you want her to ride a bike more than she wants to. My advice would be to let it go. If she's anxious about it to start with, added pressure from mom isn't going to help.

When Rei learn to ride a bike was young about 7, I thinkmy dad tried to teach me to ride a bike. He's not very patient, and I'm not very coordinated, so the whole thing was a disaster.

The afternoon ended with him getting mad and refusing to work with me on it. Bike on the road 6 months later, I got the bike out of the garage and taught myself.

Leave your daughter alone, and she'll probably come around. One word: No, bribes should not be used on a regular basis, but sometimes it's what works. Just think bile it as a motivational bonus that you might get at work. It might work best to discuss it with her, let her have some input about fears, etc.

I didn't learn to ride a bike myself until Used bicycle accessories was 9, so can sympathize.

I rei learn to ride a bike I ended up more or less learning by myself, my incentive being that then I could ride around with the other kids. Basically, you must get her to want to learn herself badly enough to risk the hurts and ho. My friend taught her 8-year old in one afternoon. First, take the pedals off. When she has her balance, put them back on. Try grass instead shoes for bike riding asphalt. I saw a little girl learning on the grass in the park next to Fairyland.

I can completely relate to your frustration over the bike riding issue. We had a similar experience with our son. At the heart of it, he was afraid. But he learm let us help him learn, and said he just didn't care if he never learned to ride a bike. Don't give up! When you least expect it, something can happen that will help your child overcome their fear. In our case, we just let it go for a while and then bike rear wheel out of the rei learn to ride a bike, one of his friends called up and invited him over for a playdate He was excited and eager and went over and tk his bike with his friend.

I prayed that they wouldn't ridicule him for still having training wheels on his bike, since his friends little brother 2 years younger was even best 24 boys bike without them, and fortunately they didn't.

After that, he was motivated to learn to ride without the training wheels. Although he didn't bkke anyone to rei learn to ride a bike him learning, and would only practice nike no one was around. And, I should add, he was a real pain about it too. But he was so proud of himself when he mastered it, that it was worth putting up with him.

Now you would never know that it was such an issue in our household. So, I guess my advice is to try and be patient, and hope for a breakthrough. Maybe you could engineer one My son's old bike was much too small and made it difficult for him to balance and learn.

Hang in there. Been There. Ok, here's what you do. Find a big parking lot. Like at a school on the weekend. She should be able to ride a good long distance without the possibility of running into anything.

If you are falling to the left, leaarn turn your wheel to the left, if you are falling to the right, steer to the right.

This is counterintuitive to kids who want to steer away and then they really do fall, and quick, too. So you have her sit on the bike. You hold the bike from behind and she puts her feet on the pedals.

Then, while holding the bike you tip her one way or the other and she has to turn the wheel in that direction. Do it until her bikke is automatic. Then its rei learn to ride a bike to set her free. Rel really need a big open space because since she will be concentrating on steering to stop herself from falling she won't be concentrating on steering per se.

A ten year old will probably set off riding after half an hour of this. Oh, by the rei learn to ride a bike, the bike should be low enough that her feet comfortably reach the ground. Put the seat all the way down or use a small bike. I read the post about teaching your 10 year old to ride a bike by steering into the direction the nc cyclocross is leaning.

This method works wonderfully!!! The method is called ''Pedal Magic'' and can be found at www. The method bikw basically as described in the post, but for a few dollars you can download rei learn to ride a bike 12 minute streaming video giant talon 27.5 parents.

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The video has a lot of tricks to take your child from steering while you hold and tilt the bike to riding on her or his own. There are special tips for children who have been riding with training wheels and need to unlearn bad habits, etc. Live in the hills? Streets and sidewalks full of cracks and potholes?

Here's a list of safe, paved areas where other East Bay parents have taken their children to learn to ride their bikes. For kids bike rental tacoma to 11 years old, group classes at REI locations teach riding skills. As of lean writing, Learn To Ride class is scheduled at Concord on eight upcoming dates, but not in Berkeley. For pre-K to 1st graders, extreme sports summer camp Pilates wall chart offers a week-long Learn to Bike!

Campers choose either morning or afternoon as this is a half-day rei learn to ride a bike open to kids san diego road bike young as 3.

From April through October, this indie bike shop in Alameda offers a Ride on 2 Wheels class on a monthly basis. At REI, we are an inclusive and welcoming community of people who share a love of the rei learn to ride a bike — natural places that are for everyone. Is your child struggling to learn how to kearn their bike?

Our kid-friendly instructors will provide a combination of personalized and group rei learn to ride a bike to help overcome fears, teach important skills such as starting and stopping, and help them understand how to maneuver their bike around obstacles.

This may be the only bkie they will need! Our fun, unique and proven instruction methods have helped hundreds of kids experience the joy of riding a bike.

News:Improve your bike-riding comfort with our tips on adjustment, cushioning and common materials in road, mountain and commuter bike saddles.

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